Hart Of Dixie ?The Big Day? Episode Review

Hart of Dixie aired the season one finale tonight.  Get the details here behind what happened this week in the ?The Big Day? episode that has had fans going crazy just waiting to see what will happen with the love triangles between George, Lemon and Zoe, as well Wade and Lavon. After watching Dr. Zoe Hart struggle all season fans had to know that the show runners behind Hart of Dixie  wouldn’t make the big day any easier with a storm headed to Bluebell as a perfect metaphor playing out in the back drop. Pouring buckets Zoe gets trapped in a barn with Wade, a scene that created quite a big amount for all of those team Wade fans out there.  Meanwhile George and Lemon are trying to make it through their wedding day but the big event is falling apart at the seams thanks to the weather that has managed to put a damper on their nuptials. The two never do make it to the alter.  After finding out that Zoe is staying and unable to let her go George finally decides to call of the wedding.  Lemon doesn’t let this change of plans go easy.  In a shocking […]

Source: http://feedproxy.google.com/~r/RightCelebrity/~3/yzfNoLOa4oU/

Alicia Keys Alicia Witt Amanda Bynes Amanda Detmer


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